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Sales, Installation & Service of:


  • Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Automatic Swing Doors
  • Automatic, Manual & Security Revolving Doors
  • Manual Door Entrances
  • Wooden & Hollow Metal Doors
  • Air Curtains (Heated and Non-Heated)
  • Access Control Systems
  • Electronic Hardware & Magnetic Locks 
  • Automatic Gates
  • ​Pass-Thru Windows
  • Metal Detectors

About Us

Our Mission:

 At Doorway Services and Solutions, our mission is simple: to create a work environment where customers and employees come together in a harmonious partnership.  

Our Pledge

We pledge to be completely dedicated to our customers and guarantee the services we provide. 

Our Motto

 Like our Mission, our motto is just as simple: we do what we say we are going to do. 

Our Story:

Although we opened our doors on January 5, 2015, we are certainly not new to the industry. Our Vice President, Sales Manager and one of our Managing Members, Mr. Gary Ferrell has been in the automatic door industry for well over 30 years. Mr. Ferrell began his career rebuilding operators for a small family owned business in North Carolina in 1979. Not only did he excel with rebuilding operators, he worked his way up within the company and began servicing and installing doors. Soon he began his selling career and building relationships with clients. Mr. Ferrell was given the opportunity to move to Knoxville, TN in 1981 to build the “Western Region”; which he was extremely successful with. Not only is he very knowledgeable with products and the inner workings of automatic doors and their accessories, he is a passionate business man that remembers that customers come first.

Our President, Operations Manager and the other Managing Member, Mrs. Jamie Ferrell began her career in the automatic door industry in 2006 as Contracts Administrator and Project Manager. Prior to that, she was employed in the playground industry for two years in the same capacity. Mrs. Ferrell also has a strong background in financial reporting, as well as day to day operations and project management. Mrs. Ferrell also shares the passion and premise that customers are one of the most important components of a successful business

Our Service Technicians, Installers & Salesmen:

 ​​All of our service technicians and installers are AAADM (American Association for Automatic Door Manufacturers) certified. This certification ensures that all doors are installed and adjusted to be compliant with the current safety standards, ANSI A156.10. 

Our technicians and installers are also AAADM certified to be compliant with A156.19; which encompasses the broad range of Low Energy Handicap Operators which are often required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Our technicians have a depth of  experience and knowledge that only comes with over 35 years of servicing automatic doors 

Our salesmen, like our technicians are also AAADM certified. Each salesman has experienced extensive time in the field installing and servicing automatic doors, which enables them to offer practical expertise regarding application, functionality and design of entrances. 

Once again, our experience level for our salesmen is second to none, with over 50 years combined.